Arewa Consciousness Initiative


Please, for the sake of this exercise, Nigeria is a muslim woman, in her “waiting period”-Google it. Not a waiter, but she waits! Waits!!

Waits!!!. In this Buhari regime, u can’t but wait. Move and you will see them- ambush you, anguish at you, ricochet you if they have guns, if they dont, they boycott you, sporadically chattering- ha! (more…)



“… I hear on all sides, do not argue! The officer says “do not argue but drill!” The tax collector says “do not argue but pay!” only one person in the world (Frederick the great Prussia) says, argue as much as you will, and about what you will, but obey!” everywhere in the world there is restriction on freedom”. -Immanuel Kant

After the Second World War, there was a consensus within the world community that, the United Nations charter did not sufficiently define the rights to which it referred. A universal declaration that specified the rights of individual was necessary to give effect to the charter’s provisions on human rights. This is the origin of what came to be known as “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1946”.


Ban on Hawking and its Societal Cons

Banning hawkers from hawking, will in fact, lead some of them to become con artists. Which is a major con 🎯 of the policy. Governor Ambode has arguably been the most effective governor in Nigeria since he became one. He outdid himself with his work at Okota/Ago palace way, Lagos state. With the ban on hawking, He aims to get Lagos to a clean, prosperous and safe city and to be deemed a global city. If it isn’t even one already. Banning hawkers will definitely aid in sanitizing the state. but at what cost ? (more…)

Could the Medina Bombings be the Beginning of our Plague?

In the book The Plague, written by Albert Camus, Father Paneloux, when delivering the first sermon after the city had been struck by plague, addressed the congregation in a second person perspective condemning them for their sins, which by implication absolves him from sharing what should have been a collective responsibility/blame. That put him in a position of moral high ground outside and above the community of ‘sinners’, casting judgement on them. He says, “Now you are learning your lesson, the lesson that was learned by Cain and his offspring, by the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, by Job and Pharaoh, by all that hardened their hearts against Him”. (more…)

The Gateman, ‘Mai shayi’ and the Polity of WAyeCK

It will be going, a bridge too far, to expect much from the Nigerian Constitution or from any Nigerian legislation for that matter. Given that a careful glance will reveal they are either hasty copycats of some Acts in England, Sudan, America by our erstwhile colonial (or non colonial) masters, or full of sentiments, selfishness and devoid of creativity -both literally and legally. From our criminal codes to our marriage codes down to our land codes (or is it land use Act), not to talk of the oga at the top (the grundnorm) – there is a lack of reflection, both of culture and the society it seeks to regulate.


Beyond Our Subjective Perspectives

Just two days back, a 500 level Law student in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria was ranting in an argument with a fellow course mate about who will or will not go to heaven. The guy, tall and dark, dressed in the Hausa traditional mode of dressing, i.e. with Kaftan and a cap; for which according to Hausa sentiments, he is highly estimated as being sensible and respectable. While the lady, who happened to be a Muslim convert, was fair and relatively short, wearing a knee-long hijab which allowed one to see the black trouser jean she had on. Also, ringed around her index (more…)


 A fortnight ago, a gunman killed 49 people and injured 53 others inside a gay night club in Orlando, Florida, United states. Omar Mateen, the assailant, was responsible for the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman and the most lurid violence against the LGBT people in the history of the United states.

The 29 year old, Omar Mateen was killed by orlando police after a 3-hour stand off. A lot of people lined up to donate blood at local blood donation centres and blood mobile locations to render help to the surviving victims and to kind of show solidarity. All we had to donate (more…)